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Read My Articles - Budgerigars
Breeding Clearbodies -Where Are We Going The  Blackface Budgerigar - A New Mutation All About Slates All About Fallows All About Australian Yellowfaces All About The Texas Clearbody
All About Spangles Colour Genetics of Budgerigars Breeding Rares - my challenge The Brownwing & Faded Budgerigar Incubation Calendar Lacewings
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Cage & Aviary Birds Swedish Young Bird Show 1 Swedish Young Bird Show 2 Swedish Young Bird Show 3 Budgerigar Inheritance Rainbows
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Moheb Nabil The Coalface The Frosted Pied Artificial Insemination Visual Recognition of Rare Budgerigars Pictures Gallery From Norway
Book Review Kakapo The Blackwing Moheb Nabil Photo Gallery Mutation or Not A special bird update
The small budgerigar - De kleine grasparkiet - Der rasselose Wellensittich Info about the small budgerigar A Special Birds Blackwing Update Mutation combinations with Anthracite New Book RaphaŽl Terra
Mondial 2015

Comparison between Easley Clearbody in budgerigars and Euwing in lovebirdsnew1_e0.gif (548 bytes)

Chronological list of Budgerigar mutations Rectification on article ďChronological list of budgerigar mutations" Darkwing Budgerigars by Ken York
Budgerigar Articles in Dutch / Nederlandstalige Grasparkieten Artikels
De Antraciet en zijn varianten Mottle Polyoma virus De zwartvleugel grasparkiet De Kuiffactor Klein Versus Groot
LIJST GENETISCHE SYMBOLEN Genetica voor Beginners BOEKEN New book from Engelien van Wijk HEEFT DE STANDAARD NOG EEN BETEKENIS Blackwing Budgerigars

Vergelijking tussen Easley Clearbody bij grasparkieten en Euwing bij agaporniden


Read My Articles - Love Birds

What's in a name? ABE News Agapornis Canus Agapornis Taranta Roseicollis Cinnamon-ino Inheritance
Tumors In Lovebirds Lilianae Research Report - Malawi Visiting Rudi Bleyen What is this.....? Visiting BVA Masters 2012 Agapornis Nigrigenis
Whiteface Mauve & Whiteface SF Violet Agapornis personatus : A new mutation? The "blue" Roseicollis Gallery New Lovebird club in Pakistan (PAL) Members of the board of PAL
BVA Masters 2013 Pale Headed Roseicollis A new mutation in Agapornis Roseicollis      

Read My Articles - Other Birds

Timor Zebra Finch Pied European Greenfinch German Crest Canary Diamond Dove Parrot Event 2019 London Fancy Canary
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Special Articles
This article is a story PBFD to show what it can do to birds in general. I would like to thank Ellen for giving me permission to put this article on my webpages. For more informations go to Ellen's Homepage :
Part 1 Part 2

Speakers Corner

Lovebirds - The misunderstood Longfeathered - by Marilena Salmones

Agapornis  Roseicollis Roseicollis Hybridization

Breeding Behaviour of the Wild Budgerigar by Dr.Rob Marshall B.V.Sc, M.A.V.C. Sc. (Avian Health) and Jean Marshall B.A. Hons (Geology)

Name Giving By Bob Fregeres

I wish to thank George Clarke for giving me permission to put the folowing articles on my website. All copyright remains with him
People who wish to communicate with George can do this on the following E-mail address -

The PE Theory for the Crested Budgerigar  by George Clarke

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